Reserved Parking Space at Salak Tinggi Park & Ride (KLIA Transit Station)

Lately we have been getting a couple of emails from our site’s visitor that the multilevel parking lot at Salak Tinggi Park & Ride (KLIA Transit Station) is not open for public and is only for season parking pass holder.


This is a huge disappointment for them because at RM3/Entry/Day or RM8/Entry/Day (overnight), the parking rate at Salak Tinggi Park & Ride (KLIA Transit Station) is much mucH muCH mUCH MUCH cheaper than the parking rate at KLIA and KLIA2.

To get the clarification for our visitors, we have contacted the person-in-charge at the parking management office of the Salak Tinggi Park & Ride (KLIA Transit Station). This is the confirmation that we have gotten from him:

Only the ground floor and level 2 of the multilevel parking lot is reserved for season parking pass holder. The rest of the levels are open for public.

There you have it – “myth” debunked! The multilevel parking building at Salak Tinggi Park & Ride (KLIA Transit Station) is opened for public (except for ground floor & level 2).


Of course, as per other parking locations, these parking spaces are on a first come first serve basis. This location is definitely a hot spot for travellers who are looking for a cheaper parking alternation over KLIA and KLIA2. Therefore a bit of luck is needed when you wish to park in this location. Fortunately besides the multilevel parking lot, there is also open space parking lots in this location.

The parking rate at both multilevel parking and open space parking is the same. You can use the parking rate calculator below to estimate the parking fee.

Parking rate:
Flat rate (4am – 1:59am) – RM 3.00 / Entry / Day
Overnight parking (2am – 3:59am) – RM 5.00
Motorcycle – RM 1.00 / Entry
(last updated: 8/12/2018)

If you wish to apply for a monthly season parking pass, you can also contact the person-in-charge at 010-4393988. The monthly season pass pass is RM100/month (last updated: 8/12/2018)