Monday - SaturdayRate
Gateway @ KLIA2 (6,000 Parking Lots)
1st - 3rd hourRM 5.00 / hour
4th - 5th hourRM 4.00 / hour
6th - 10th hourRM 3.00 / hour
11th hour & aboveRM 2.00 / hour
Max rate per day (1st & 2nd day)RM 52.00
Max rate per day (3rd day & onwards)RM 50.00
Lost ticket penalty - RM 100.00 / Day
Clamping penalty - RM 100.00 / Day
Long Term Car Park (LTCP) Near Malaysia Airports Training Centre (6,000 Parking Lots)
1st - 4th hourRM 3.00 / hour
5th - 14th hourRM 2.00 / hour
Max rate per dayRM 32.00
Valet Parking @ Level 3
1st hour or part thereofRM 15.00
Every subsequent hour or part thereofRM 5.00
Maximum rate per dayRM 100.00
Motorcycle Parking (800 Motorcycle Bays)
Flat rateRM 1.00 / Entry

(last updated: 29/1/2023)


How can I pay the parking charges?
You can pay the parking charges at the autopay machines on level 1, 4, and 7. You can also pay with your Touch n Go card with an additional 10% surcharge.

Does your parking facility accept Touch n Go payment?
You may scan your Touch n Go card at the parking entrances to enter the parking. A 10% additional charge is applied on top of the required parking charges when paying the parking fee with Touch n Go card.

How many parking spots do you have in your parking facility?

  • Gateway @ KLIA 2  – Multi-storey covered car park with 6,000 parking lots
  • Long-Term Car Park (LTCP) Near Malaysia Airports Training Centre – 4,500 parking lots

Are there additional charges for overnight parking?
There are no additional charges for overnight parking – the parking charges are according to the standard parking rates structure.

How do I travel to the main KLIA 2 terminal building from the Long-Term Car Park (LTCP) Near Malaysia Airports Training Centre?
You can take the free airport transfers shuttle bus from LTCP to the KLIA and KLIA2 terminal buildings. The shuttle bus is available every 10 minutes.

Do you have dedicated parking bays for handicapped/disabled motorists?
There are 52 disabled-friendly driver parking bays located at every level of Short Term Car Park (STCP) Block A & Block B.

Can I reserve a parking spot in advance?
Parking lots are on a first come first serve basis.

Is there long-term parking at KLIA2?
There is no long-term parking at KLIA2. However, there is a daily maximum fee of RM52 (1st & 2nd day) and RM50 (3rd day onward).

Is there any cheaper parking alternative for long-term parking?
For long-term parking, instead of paying the expensive parking rate at KLIA2, you can try the following parking options:

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